Author(s) Warranty and Transfer of Copyright Agreement

International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Research (IJAAER)

Published by Pakistani Society of Scientific Research (PSSR)

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Publisher: International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Research (IJAAER).

In order to effectively protect the shared interest of both author (s) and IJAAER, the IJAAER request a formal written transfer of copyright from the author(s) for each article published in this journal. The author or authorised representative (undersigned) hereby assigns all publication and distribution rights under copyright for the above manuscript to the IJAAER. The undersigned warrants that (1) he/she is the author of the above manuscript or is authorized to represent the author on behalf of the author’s employer, and (2) the undersigned has obtained any necessary permissions regarding the materials used from the works of others. For jointly authored manuscripts, one author may sign as authorised agent for the others. The undersigned confirms that the work in the manuscript is his/her original work and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.


The undersigned also agrees to the following:

  1. Undersigned agrees to transfer all rights of the manuscript including copyrights to IJAAER. This transfer includes the right to sell, reproduce, translate or modify the manuscript.
  2. Undersigned understand that no royalties or remuneration will be paid by the publisher to the author for the above named submitted manuscript.
  3. The publisher will have the right to edit the work for the original edition and for any revision.
  4. In case the manuscript is  proved to have been  an  act of plagiarism, the author(s) will be solely  held liable  for this  and they will  be  held  responsible  according to  the  current international/national legislation  in  Furthermore, the manuscript under  focus will  be  erased from the Publisher’s site and the author(s) will no  longer  have  the  right  to  submit  and  to  publish  in  future  in  this journal.
  5. This agreement is governed by the International laws concerning copyright.
  6. The publisher is authorised to modify the terms and conditions of this agreement as and when required.

It is important to note that IJAAER is an open access journal, therefore the authors sign an exclusive license agreement, where authors have copyright but license exclusive rights in their article to the publisher (IJAAER).

Authors have the right to:

  • Share their article for personal use, internal institutional use and scholarly sharing purposes, provided the copies are not offered for sale.
  • Posting of the manuscript on an electronic public server is permitted.
  • Retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including raw research data).
  • Proper attribution and credit for the published work.
  • All copies, paper, electronic or other use of the information must include an indication of the copyright ownership and a full citation of the journal source.


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This Author Warranty and Transfer of Copyright Agreement should be filled and signed in by the author or authorized representative and sent by e-mail to the email address of the Publisher ( OR The agreement should be signed in electronically and returned to the above email address or a printed copy can be signed, scanned and returned as a PDF or JPG file.